Shutter Factsheet

    • I am aware my windows & walls are not completely square meaning perfect square fitting of shutters may not always be achievable.
    • The shutters will be fixed to either the window, walls or both.
    • Decorators Caulk or Silicone will be used to finish around the frames. Cover strips can also be required at times. The thickness of the gap being filled can vary with the building.
    • Any obstructions (skirting boards/coving etc) may to be cut away on installation & finished to the best of our ability. At times there will be some ‘making good’ required by the customer from ‘cut outs’ we make.
    • I am aware the shutters are not a blackout product. There will be light gaps around frames, opening panels & between the louvres when in the open or closed position. The shutter louvres will show varying degrees of light between each slat when they are fully closed in daylight.
    • I am aware they’ll be a gap between the shutter & window to allow for the clearance of any window handles.
    • I am aware the shutters are mainly produced from natural products & therefore can contain certain imperfections not necessarily from any manufacturing fault.